Workshop Program

Friday 21: Arrival

Saturday 22:


8:30-9 Opening Ceremony


9:00-10:00 Opening overview


Stephen O’Rahilly (UK): Fat: Can’t live with it; Can’t live without it.


10:00-12:30 Morning Session 1: Central route to obesity (Chair: Wim Saris & John Rodgers)




John Blundell (UK): PsychoBiological system: Human appetite and its relationship to obesity  

11-11:30 coffee break



Bradford Lowell (US): Genetic dissection of neural circuits mediating the anti-obesity effects of leptin and melanocortins


12:30-13:30 Short talks: (Chair: John Rodgers)

Maria Gabriella Caruso (IT): Cannabinoid type-1 receptor polymorphism and macronutrient intake

Udval Sedbazar (JP): Reductions of POMC in nucleus tractus solitarius and oxytocin in hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus in obese hyperphagic OLETF rats

Harriet Schellekens (IE), Promiscuous G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) dimerization in appetite regulation and food reward

13:30-15 Lunch break

15:00-17:00 Afternoon session 1: Central route to obesity 2: (Chair: Arne Astrup & Alessandro Bartolomucci)

Matthias Tschoep (DE): Targeting gut-brain communication for the treatment of obesity and diabetes         


Daniele Piomelli (US:IT): Fats sensing fats ­ - the roles of lipid signals in the control of energy balance 


 17:00-17:30 Short talks: (Chair: Antonio Vidal-Puig)

Fernando Rodriguez de Fonseca (ES), NP-1, an adiponectin releaser, reduces body weight and hepatic steatosis in high fat diet-fed animals

Johannes Grosse (UK), Insulin like factor 5 (Insl5) is a gastrointestinal hormone with orexigenic function

18:00-19:00 Nutrition & Sante` Science Award (Obesity Research) and Medical Award (Weight Management)

19:00. Aperitif offered by Nutrition & Sante`

Sunday 23:

9:00-11:00 Morning session 2: Peripheral route to obesity (Chair:
Alfredo Martinez & Michele Carruba)



Saverio Cinti (IT): The obese organ: news and views



Antonio Vidal Puig (UK): The thermogenic disconnect: a strategy to treat obesity

11:00-11:30 coffee break


11:30-12:30 Short talks: (Chair: Alessandro Bartolomucci)

Gema Medina-Gomez (ES), The role of glucolipotoxicity in the renal pathogenesis associated with metabolic syndrome.

Susanna Hofmann (US), HDL as a novel modulator of mitochondrial energetics and glucose homeostasis.

Paul T. Pfluger (US), Muscle-specific ablation of calcineurin protects from detrimental effects of high-fat diet exposure.

Angela Longo (IT), Conditional knockout unravels a novel role of limbic Y1 receptor in regulating body weight and anxiety that is modulated by maternal care.

12:30-15:00. Poster session (Buffet lunch)

Afternoon Session 2: Stress & Obesity (Chair: Enzo Nisoli & Maria Antonia Fusco)      

Anna Moles (IT): Effects of unstable maternal environment on the regulation and functioning of the reward system


Zofia Zukowska (US): Stress, obesity, and the role of NPY


17-17:30 coffee break


Alessandro Bartolomucci (US): Social stress, obesity and diabetes: from models to mechanisms

Monday 24:

9:00-12:30 - Morning session 3: Screen and counteract obesity (Chair: Jan Nedergaard & Alessandro Bartolomucci)


Matej Orešič (FI): Lipidome in health and metabolic disease


 John Wilding (UK): Drug therapy for obesity: challenges and solutions


11:00-11:30 coffee break


John Rodgers (UK): Behavioural specificity and clinically-relevant appetite suppression

1/2 day excursion Visit to Selinunte or Segesta

Tuesday 25:

9:00-12:30 - Morning session 4: Unexpected routes to obesity (Chair: Antonio Vidal-Puig & John  Rodgers)

Jerry Heindel (US): Developmental basis of disease: Obesogen hypothesis


Frederick Vom Saal (US):
Bisphenol A, obesity and metabolic syndrome

11:00-11:30 coffee break


Fredrik Bäckhed (SE): The gut microbiota as a novel modulator of host metabolism and obesity

12:30-14:30 Lunch break

14:30-15:30 Short talks: (Chair: Stefano Parmigiani)

GianCarlo Panzica (IT), Hypothalamic NPY expression in adult male mice is influenced by adult exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors.

Maria Street (IT), Relationships between urinary concentrations of PHTALOX, obesity and insulin sensitivity in obese children: a pilot study.

Gianna Ferretti (IT), Is prader-willi syndrome associated with oxidative damage?

15:30-16:00 coffee break

16:00-18:00  Afternoon session 4: Why an obese species? (Chair: John Blundell & Stefano Parmigiani)


Jonathan Wells (UK): The evolution of human obesity: where did it all go wrong?


John Speakman (UK): The evolution of obesity – thrifty genes or drifty genes?

18:00 Closing overview/closing discussion/ (Chair: Alessandro Bartolomucci, Stefano Parmigiani, John Rodgers, Antonio Vidal-Puig)

Wednesday 26: Departure

The program is susceptible to changes.